Production examples

Adam Rudegeair - Wet Clavinet

This explosive funk-pop number combines a mid-90s Michael Jackson pop with James Brown inspired energy and vocal delivery. Originally composed for a funk band, Kim helped Adam pull it in a new direction with punchy drum machines, layers of keyboards, and an effected bass guitar solo.

Maxine - Sunlight

This heavy and dirty trip-hop is the ‘calm-down’ track from Maxine’s debut EP. Her raw seductive vocals combine with rain ambience, oversized drums, distant pianos and twisted sound effects. As Maxine’s producer, Kim arranged and performed all the instrumental parts on this recording.

Jennifer Kingwell - The Lotus Eaters

Jennifer Kingwell’s title track from her ambitious 2014 EP oscillates between dark intimate EP-driven verses and an expansive middle section with drums, acoustic piano and ghostly backing vocals. Entirely recorded at his studio, Kim helped Jennifer bring out the intense drama and adventure in the music - particularly in the compelling vocal delivery.

She Hunter - The Earth’s Catacombs

This song is a lush blend of mellotron-esque string samples, synthesiser arpeggios, tribal drums and pure unadorned vocals. Originally a piano and electric guitar song, Kim helped She Hunter organise the dozens of ideas and sound layers into a cohesive creative direction. The resulting song has a distinct and engaging sonic texture that adds an effective underscore of fantasy and imagination to the vocal storytelling.

Rose Wintergreen - Feet in the Sand
(Bare Toes Into Soil remix)

Remixed from Rose’s original electronic-folk song, this version brings a much more atmospheric and enigmatic sound texture. This recording features a live string quartet for which Kim arranged parts and recorded at his studio. The blending of the timeless and emotional acoustic instruments with the spaceless electronic elements was critical to the creative direction of this song.

Megalove - Nanana

A slice of Megalove’s intergalactic dance-pop album ‘Synthfinity’, this song combines an irresistible driving beat and disco keyboards with funky electric guitars and accessible catchy vocals. Kim helped Megalove hone in on the core of the song’s creative direction to make it as tight and effective as possible. Even with a rock guitar solo!

Erin Shay - All I Wanted (Obsession version)

Originally a pop song, Erin’s impassioned vocals are supported in this version by simple piano chords, skittish beats and some surprising moments of psychedelia. As the producer behind the concept recording project Obsession, Kim arranged and performed all the instrumental parts on this recording.

Jacqui Newland - Life is a Party

This upbeat pop song is deliberately sparse to highlight X-Factor finalist Jacqui Newland’s vocals and songwriting. The drums, guitars, bass and keyboards fall perfectly in the groove to keep the energy up and move the song forward. As Jacqui’s producer, Kim arranged and performed all the instrumental parts on this recording.


Kim Lajoie is a Melbourne-based music producer.

Kim has worked with a wide range of nationally-acclaimed and award-winning Melbourne artists including Jacqui Newland (X Factor), Louise Roussety (The Voice), Iain Archibald (Sony BMG), Andrea Marr (2012 MBAS Blues Performer of the Year), Adam Rudegeair (Paul Kelly, Lake Minnetonka), Jennifer Kingwell (Amanda Palmer, Jane Austen Argument), Gosti (2012 Songs Alive Australia winner) and many more.

With a quarter of a century of music behind him, Kim has extensive music industry experience spanning film composition, performance, recording, lecturing, video production, photography, publicity, online marketing and artist management. Kim also has significant teaching experience, having taught composition, recording, digital signal processing and synthesiser design at Monash University and the Australian Institute of Music. He also regularly writes on topics relating to composition, production and engineering on his blog ( Kim has personally contributed to the music careers of hundreds of artists.

In 2010 Kim launched Obsessive Music ( following the success of his artist showcase and concept recording project 'Obsession'. Having been a producer and recording artist himself, he saw an urgent need in today's changing music industry to integrate music production with down-to-earth career planning and promotion. Obsessive Music is a platform for helping artists and musicians develop themselves and navigate their role in the twenty-first century.

What others are saying

Katie Lewis

Kim is a great person to work with because he gives artists the freedom to express their creative vision and preserve what they expect in the finished product. He has a good knowledge of music, is friendly and approachable, and has a systematic approach that is professional and consistent.

Randall Stephens

Kim works mind-boggling hard and is not afraid to try different things. It was an educational experience that really made me dig deeper and think about lyrics and music in ways I never would have otherwise.

John Willoughby

Kim helped provide valuable insight during the production of our recent song. He was able to quickly pinpoint some opportunities for improvement and suggest what needed to be done to get it to the next step. The song that resulted was definitely a notch up from where it would have been without his guidance.

Jayne Barker

Kim is a brilliant producer because he possesses endless creative and musical talent alongside passion and ambitious ideas. He pulls it all together with clearly defined plans and organizational skills that make big projects a reality. Each session in the studio with Kim has been ultra productive. With his clear direction and musical vision we've produced some powerful moments!

Tom Francis

Kim, I'm blown away.. You genuinely did a beautiful job of putting it together, you really nailed the subtlety and atmosphere of the song. Great great job sir.. I so appreciate the time and skill you've put in.