Kim Lajoie is a Melbourne-based record producer and artist mentor

Kim has worked with a wide range of nationally-acclaimed and award-winning Melbourne artists including Jacqui Newland (X Factor), Louise Roussety (The Voice), Iain Archibald (Sony BMG), Andrea Marr (2012 MBAS Blues Performer of the Year), Adam Rudegeair (Paul Kelly, Lake Minnetonka), Jennifer Kingwell (Amanda Palmer, Jane Austen Argument), Gosti (2012 Songs Alive Australia winner) and many more.

Kim cut his teeth studying classical piano for over a decade, including with notorious Russian instructor Svetlana Mik. He then spent six years studying composition and audio software design with award-winning sound artist Peter McIlwain at Monash University.

With over a quarter of a century of music behind him, Kim has extensive music industry experience spanning film composition, performance, recording, lecturing, video production, photography, publicity, online marketing and artist management.

Kim also has significant teaching experience, having taught composition, recording, digital signal processing and synthesiser design at Monash University, the Australian Institute of Music and the Australian College of the Arts. He also regularly writes on topics relating to composition, production and engineering on his blog. Kim has personally contributed to the music careers of hundreds of artists.

In 2010 Kim launched Obsessive Music following the success of his artist showcase and concept recording project ‘Obsession’. Having been a producer and recording artist himself, he saw an urgent need in today’s changing music industry to integrate music production with down-to-earth career planning and promotion. Obsessive Music is a platform for helping artists and musicians develop themselves and navigate their role in the twenty-first century.

In 2014 and 2015 Kim directed Melbourne Guru, a monthly print magazine for active independent musicians in Melbourne. With thousands of copies distributed into the hands of musicians every month, Melbourne Guru covered the stories behind the music industry – including interviews with producers, reviews of recording studios, feature editorials on education opportunities, guest columnists and much more.

In 2015 Kim also published his book ‘The Golden Age of Independent Music’. In it he discusses how the digital revolution has transformed the recorded music industry, the role of art in society, the need for artists to connect with their audience, the cultural shifts that will occur over the next decade and practical advice on how artists can create deep emotional connections with their audiences.