Jennifer Kingwell – The Lotus Eaters

Jennifer Kingwell’s ambitious title track from her debut EP oscillates between dark intimate keyboard-driven verses and an expansive middle section with drums, acoustic piano and ghostly backing vocals. Entirely recorded at Kim’s studio, Kim helped Jennifer bring out the intense drama and adventure in the music – particularly in the compelling vocal delivery.

Brittle Sun – Rainbird

This down-to-earth folk song by trio Brittle Sun features Viki Mealings’ worldly vocals and her acoustic guitar. The rest of the band add subtle colours and movement with piano, percussion and bass. Kim recorded and mixed this song.

Erin Shay – One More Last Kiss

This acoustic-pop song from Erin Shay is a fun upbeat story about a relationship that keeps coming back. With acoustic and electric guitars, drums and bass, Erin’s band was recorded and mixed by Kim.

Alex & Nadav – Sundance

Alex & Nadav are a flamenco guitar duo with a flair for showmanship and improvisation. Kim recorded and mixed this song.