Bare Toes Into Soil – I Hope You Lied

This alt-r&b production combines abstract beats, shadowy synthesisers and wonky grooves. Bare Toes Into Soil is Kim’s personal production project for exploring new atmospheric and ambient sounds. With the vocals performed by Melbourne soul singer Lyndal Barry, Kim arranged and performed all the instrumental parts of this recording.

14 Flights – Storm’s Brewing

A more driving side of downtempo electronica, this song evokes a darkness and mystery that harks back to early Massive Attack. With Melisa Le Rue’s haunting vocals, the music seems to emerge ghostlike out of the rain, and disappears back into it before the song is over. Kim co-produced and mixed this recording.

Maxine – Sunlight

This heavy and dirty trip-hop is the ‘calm-down’ track from Maxine’s debut EP. Her raw seductive vocals combine with rain ambience, oversized drums, distant pianos and twisted sound effects. As Maxine’s producer, Kim arranged and performed all the instrumental parts on this recording.

She Hunter – The Earth’s Catacombs

This song is a lush blend of string samples, synthesiser arpeggios, tribal drums and pure unadorned vocals. Originally a piano and electric guitar song, Kim helped She Hunter organise the dozens of ideas and sound layers into a cohesive creative direction. The resulting song has a distinct and engaging sonic texture that adds an effective underscore of fantasy and imagination to the vocal storytelling.