Jacqui Newland – All Those Times

This upbeat pop song is highlights X-Factor finalist Jacqui Newland’s vocals and songwriting. The drums, guitars, bass and keyboards fall perfectly in the groove to keep the energy up and move the song forward. As Jacqui’s producer, Kim arranged and performed all the instrumental parts (except the acoustic guitar) on this recording.

Megalove – Nanana

A slice of Megalove’s intergalactic dance-pop album ‘Synthfinity’, this song combines an irresistible driving beat and disco keyboards with funky electric guitars and accessible catchy vocals. Kim helped Megalove hone in on the core of the song’s creative direction to make it as tight and effective as possible. Even with a rock guitar solo!

Sandy Hsu – Obsession

A folky dream-pop production, this song began life with just a sparse voice and guitar. Together with artist Sandy Hsu, Kim added additional guitars, drum machines, pianos, synthesisers and stacks of backing vocals. This production was an exercise is adding a range of textures and colours while still honouring the musical direction of the original version of the song.

Adam Rudegeair – Wet Clavinet

This explosive funk-pop number combines a mid-90s Michael Jackson pop with James Brown inspired energy and vocal delivery. Originally composed for a funk band, Kim helped Adam pull it in a new direction with punchy drum machines, layers of keyboards, and an effected bass guitar solo.