Amelia 100That is insanely amazing and mind blowing and my gosh, it made me cry!!!!

HAPPY TEARS!!! WOW!! <3 Kim, you truly are incredible!!!

— Amelia Aparicio

Loughlan 100This guy is without doubt one of the most amazing music production gurus around, and happens to be here in Melbourne.

If you need to take your music to the next level, hit him up.

— Loughlan Burnett

Katie 100Kim is a great person to work with because he gives artists the freedom to express their creative vision and preserve what they expect in the finished product. He has a good knowledge of music, is friendly and approachable, and has a systematic approach that is professional and consistent.

— Katie Lewis

Randall 100Kim works mind-boggling hard and is not afraid to try different things. It was an educational experience that really made me dig deeper and think about lyrics and music in ways I never would have otherwise.

— Randall Stephens

John 100Kim helped provide valuable insight during the production of our recent song. He was able to quickly pinpoint some opportunities for improvement and suggest what needed to be done to get it to the next step. The song that resulted was definitely a notch up from where it would have been without his guidance.

— John Willoughby

Jayne 100Kim is a brilliant producer because he possesses endless creative and musical talent alongside passion and ambitious ideas. He pulls it all together with clearly defined plans and organizational skills that make big projects a reality. Each session in the studio with Kim has been ultra productive. With his clear direction and musical vision we’ve produced some powerful moments!

— Jayne Barker

Tom 100Kim, I’m blown away.. You genuinely did a beautiful job of putting it together, you really nailed the subtlety and atmosphere of the song. Great great job sir.. I so appreciate the time and skill you’ve put in.

— Tom Francis